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Tom Waits High School Yearbook Sells for $288.24

Idyll High School Yearbook 1966

Got any of this Idyll High School Class of 1966 yearbooks lying around the house? Well now's the time to dust them off and turn them in to straight cash homie! One of of the above pictured yearbooks from the Chula Vista high school, sold on eBay for $288.24 on 2/14/06. The reason? The smiling lad pictured below:

Idyll High School Sophomore Tom Waits

One Tom Waits. Possibly San Diego's biggest claim to fame as far as I'm concerned, Waits is reportedly a sophomore in this photo. Waits has always been one of those people who, like your grandparents or Clint Eastwood, who appear to have always looked old. This picture proves that while Waits may indeed have been young, he has always been Tom.

Tom Waits & Denzil Walden Tom Waits' Yearbook

While Tom has moved out of the San Diego area and left Napoleone's Pizza House behind, those who share a yearbook row with him in 1966 have not strayed so far from home. Quick internet searches reveal that Robert Vermilya is a player in the local real estate market, that Denzil Walden, Jr. is a resident of La Mesa and that Pete Vredenburgh is a San Diego County Fire Batallion Chief with over 32 years of service to his credit. Mr. Vermilya did not respond to calls inquiring about any memories he might have about his yearbook row-mate, and honestly, I probably wouldn't have either.

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