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Check Out The Hype Machine

The Hype Machine is an interesting and very well done way of finding new music. The sheer amount of music blogs on the internet can make navigating to all the worthwile ones a daunting task, and can make finding the rare gems in an undiscovered blog near impossible. The Hype Machine attempts to make this problem easier by scouring music blogs for posted or linked MP3s, and then posting links and information about these MP3s. By then dozens of MP3s that get posted on any given day, you can instantly download the ones that sound appealing, and click through to the blog entry for further information. You can also use the Hype Machines reports about MP3s as podcasts. That means that you can set up iTunes to automatically download the posted MP3s from any of the blogs they represent, (or the entire site, which would be quite the eclectic mix of music.)

This features would make the Hype Machine valuable enough on its own, but they add in another interesting touch that makes it a great way to discover new music when you are sick of listening to your own collection. The Hype Machine features its own radio, based on the MP3 feeds of the websites it scours. You can listen through Windows Media, Winamp, Real Player or the sites own stand alone flash player. The flash player provides an nice interface, and the music streams quickly with links to the original blog posting and the artist info on amazon.com. All in all, I highly recommend the website as a great new way to scour the ever expanding world of music blogs and the abundant resources they provide.

The Hype Machine's address is: http://hype.non-standard.net/
San Diego Serenade can be found on The Hype Machine at http://hype.non-standard.net/list/650
If you'd like to automatically download any MP3s I post, in iTunes click "Advanced" then "Subscribe to Podcast" then enter this address: http://hype.non-standard.net/playlist/blog/650/rss/1/feed.xml

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