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Clap Your Hands Say...Backlash?

The CityBeat publishes a piece decrying Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, who play at the Casbah on Wednesday the 22th. Combs takes the role of Elaine Benes, wondering how everybody can like "The English Patient." I don't really know who is going to shows at the Casbah to be "seen" (by who?) but I can also understand the feeling of being underwhelmed with the band. I like their CD, and saw them at the Troubador a few months ago and enjoyed it, but it is not the reinvention of the wheel, or the second coming of the messiah, or god forbid the messiah reinventing the wheel, that some would have you believe.

Some opportunistic Craigslisters have already sought to capitalize on the hopeful backlash that Combs' article will inspire: http://sandiego.craigslist.org/tix/142594413.html

For all you other fans out there who can't get a ticket or won't pony up sixty bucks or so, Muzzle of Bees has posted some great live MP3s of the band including new songs that aren't on the album.

The CityBeat article is on point regarding one more thing: Stella Artois is a Miller in a gussied up bottle. Yuck. Hipsters, what happened to the good old fashioned inexpensive PBR?


Thank God someone came out and tagged this band for what they (and 90% of the nonsense getting press these days) are, an f*****g snooze. Their sound is derivitave and uninspiring and that guys voice is just plain annoying. And I can totally appreciate people who can't sing; I mean my favorite bands are Three Mile Pilot, Tom Waits, Neil Young and The Fall but this guys voice along with their uninspired music is just awful. Totally overrated.

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