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In Honor of the NCAA Tournament: One Shining Moment

The NCAA Tournament is undoubtedly the greatest sporting event in the country. The first two days are rivaled only by the Super Bowl for the televised event that can pin you to the couch for the longest and in the gambling department, but I give the Tournament the edge because, unlike the Super Bowl, you are guaranteed to have drama at some point in time.

Unlike the Super Bowl, the games remain the central attraction of the NCAA Tournament, except for one small exception: One Shining Moment, which plays as the background music to an end of tournament highlight real that CBS ends coverage of the championship game with. Love by many, no doubt loathed by an equal amount, One Shining Moment one of my favorite parts of the tournament. It never fails to send a few chills up my spine, especially since I remember an obscene amount of the highlights, teams and players they show.

The song is pretty much songwriter David Barrett's meal ticket. Though performed in later years by Luther Vandross and Teddy Pendergrast, Barrett has himself opened for Art Garfunkle. The lyrics to the song are the stuff of Successories posters and the music is a step up from John Tesh territory, but I still love it. Fun Fact: Evidently One Shining Moment is a package deal with a piano Prelude called "Golden Street" which typically plays as the players on the winning team finish cutting down the nets. This is the part that everybody impatiently tolerates, waiting for the real part of the song to kick in. Sort of like this lengthy intro before I give you the good stuff after the jump...

Unfortunately, no DVD of One Shining Moment highlight packages exist. Fortunately, we have YouTube, which has two of the most recent montages. I will be monitoring the YouTube situation closely for the next few weeks. If my dad still has the Beta tape of Syracuse's 1987 Championship game loss, I imagine that there are tapes floating around out there of every title game played, and we just have to hope someone uploads them.

Syracuse from 2003

UNC in 2005

Enjoy the tournament.

UPDATE: Over at Just My Show, there is an interview with song writer David Barrett about the song.

YET ANOTHER UPDATE: 2006 Florida Gators One Shining Moment can be viewed below:


I have all of them from 1998-ish on, except for NC-Ill. How do I get them from VHS to this youtube thing?


will you let me know when you find the 2006 gator version? thanks!

thanks for the update..

I recently discovered you tube to find that the 2003 tribute with the Prelude Golden Street had been removed. Is there any hope that this will be added back. I really enjoy the prelude in addition to the finale.

Hello all. I have 2006, 2005, and 2002 in decent quality (no effents to the 2005 one but its not very good). I am still looking to download the 2003, but the one on youtube doesn't work anymore.

Also...there is a great video with Jim Nantz talking about O.S.M. and Mateen Cleaves. It sends chills up my spine.

I know where to find the 2000 OSM. http://www.thisisspartancountry.com/bballclips/2000_CBS_OneShiningMoment.mpg.

Not great quality but good enough

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