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List of San Diego Bands playing SXSW and Good Alternatives for Missing the Shindig

The UT provides a list of San Diego bands who will be part of the SXSW festivities. I have never seen any of these bands in concert, and the only ones I have ever heard were Castanets, who i took the rare step of deleting off of my computer. I have a huge hard drive, so that step is very very rare. Among other artists who have met this rare fate include Joanna Newsome, The Decemberists and The Futureheads.

So I would most likely be checking out the non-local bands were I to be in Austin. Since I'm not, and you likely aren't either, there are fortunately good enough concerts this weekend to keep you entertained. Tonight, as mentioned yesterday is Robert Walter's Super Heavy Organ at Winston's. That's the best small venue show of the weekend.

The Scotch Greens

Except for Friday, which we'll call the best really small venue show of the weekend. You may not think of live music when you think of the Liars Club in Mission Beach, but it works surprisingly well, especially given the copious amounts of booze usually flowing within. Friday night, The Scotch Greens, who have been touring with Flogging Molly play. I had never heard of them before, but you can listen at their myspace page and from the first few seconds you can tell that the show is going to be fun as hell. They call them selves a Roots Punk band, and from what I can tell from listening, that means that the guitar driven country style punk gives way to an occasional banjo solo, sort of like the Meat Puppets with energy and if they could sing. Check out "Deaf Girlfriend" on myspace, and try not to get excited listening to it. Highly recommended! UPDATE: The band goes on early, possibly as early as 7:30 and will be done by 9:00. Start your night off right!


Saturday Toots and the Maytalls plays at the HOB. They played Street Scene two years ago and I thought they were tremendous. You'd imagine that they could end up sounding like a Vegas style approximation of what a reggae band could sound like, but that's not the case. They were brimming with energy, the band was incredibly tight and Toots was still the man.

Sunday is Flogging Molly also at the HOB. I'd recommend them to anyone, although it is understandably the kind of crowd that could scare people off. IIt's sold out, so it doesn't really matter.

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