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Live Hold Steady from SXSW 2005 - Rock and Roll Before The Internet

Everybody seems to be going to South by Southwest down in Austin this weekend. It sounds pretty awesome in terms of the sheer hugeness of it, but everybody seems primed to identify the acts that are going to blow everyone away and become the next big thing. One can only imagine the pressure that would be on an act when SXSW seems to be one of the major tastemaking events of the year, the NFL combine of the music world perhaps. I prefer to let others scope the bands, make the claims, and then sift through the hype myself. If I discover or am still listening to an act a year later, then that's a sign to me that the hype was for real.

The Hold Steady's Craig Finn at the Casbah in San Diego

So in honor of the fact that The Hold Steady have gotten more play in the past two months in my house than all of 2005, I decided to post their 2005 SXSW performance for everyone to listen to. I'm upset that recordings of the show they played at the Casbah in February hasn't turned up online, especialy since it featured several additional songs, some of them new, but what can you do. The band's popularity had obviously increased greatly by the time they got to San Diego. The first thing you notice is that the audience doesn't shout along to the opening notes of Hornets! Hornets! Songs that now seem classic just months later are introduced as New, since Separation Sunday was still two months from coming out. Stevie Nix in particular is said to be "A song about Rock and Roll Before the Internet" which would be a great title for a music blog. Despite the unfamiliarity of the audience, the band still brings it, and the recording is pretty solid. If you can't make it to the event this week, I suggest you download the MP3s, open a beer, and sit back and smugly listen with the knowledge that you'll be able to pilfer the best live recordings in just a few days time.

1. Intro
2. Hornets! Hornets!
3. Hostile Mass
4. Your Little Hoodrat Friend
5. Stevie Nix
6. Don't Let Me Explode
7. Chicago Seemed Tired Last Night
8. Positive Jam
9. Killer Parties


Thanks for these. I've been waiting for someone to post the SD show also. Oh well.

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