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Robert Walter's Super Heavy Organ - B3 There or B3 Square

Robert Walter

This Thursday, Robert Walter brings his new Super Heavy Organ project to Winstons. Robert is without a doubt one of the finest bringers of the funk there is today, and the man makes the coolest facial expressions you'll see as he coaxes the sounds out of his Hammond B3 organ. In addition to being one of the founding members of the Greyboy All Stars and his previous excellent work with the 20th Congress, Robert is also a San Diego native capping off the elusive trifecta of reasons you should go see him:

1. Brings the funk.
2. Cool facial expressions while performing.
3. From San Diego

In all honesty, it will be the coolest show you get a chance to see all week. Those of you who are only familiar with the Greyboy All Stars should prepare yourself for a less jazzy, more funky style show, as the previously mentioned Super Heavy Organ plays a much more prominent role. There are still large elements of jazz, the just as prominent saxophone and occasional wind instrument, but the band truly brings it home when they have all cylinders blazing on the funk. It's the kind of show where on the live recordings, you can hear the audience yelling in approval when some really awesome music is happening onstage. The 20th Congress was actually the first band that focused on instrumental improvisation that I ever saw back in college where i wasn't looking at my watch the entire time, so if you're wary of instrumental bands that feature extended soloing, be assured that these guys were able to convert one who was staunchly in that camp just a few years ago.

The best thing about seeing artists such as Robert Walter is that you can get a little taste of what you're in for beforehand. There is a 20th Congress show online that was actually recorded at Winstons several years ago, but I'm posting this Super Heavy Organ show, since that is the line up that is coming through tomorrow. Give these tunes a listen, and then go check out the band tomorrow.

1. Maple Plank
2. El Cuervo
3. Inside Straight
4. 34 Small
5. Parts & Holes
6. Corry's Snail and Slug Death
7. Hardware->
8. 2% Body Fat
9. Kickin' Up Dust
10. Little Miss Lover
11. Blues for J


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