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Robert Walter's Super Heavy Organ at Winston's

Robert Walter played at Winston's last night and showed off his patented brand of Heavy Organ funk to a packed house.

Robert Walter on the Keys

The show started off strong, but the audience wasn't exactly rapt at Winston's. If you weren't standing towards the front you were liable to hear just as much chatter as funk. That all changed when Robert brought out a special guest:

Karl Denson

Fellow Greyboy All-Star Karl Denson. That shut people up. The Super Heavy Organ was a trio tonight, so adding a saxophone to the mix really added a cool dimension. A bit towards the jazz end of the spectrum, away from the funk, but overall it was very nicely balanced. Robert Walter always puts on a good show, he always looks like he's just in a blissful state while playing the organ, which is fun to watch. Adding in a cool stand up bass player and an amazing drummer who looks kind of like Charlie Watts, plus Karl Denson, doesn't hurt either. More pictures below:

Robert Walter Banging his Head
Robert Walter

Karl Denson and Bassist James Singleton
Karl Denson and Bassist James Singleton

Karl Denson Eyes Closed
Karl Denson played so hard at times it looked like he had to squeeze his eyes shut as tight as possible to keep his eyes from popping out

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