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1986 World Series Game 6 Re-Enacted in RBI Baseball

So last week had the first day since I've been keeping the blog that I missed an entry. I felt bad about this lack of discipline, and no doubt you were upset as well. I wanted to post the little project that I was working on that diverted my attention from posting about music. I decided that I wanted to enter this YouTube Cybersmack contest and win $25,000 for creating the best internet viral video, so I decided to re-enact Game Six of the 1986 World Series in RBI Baseball, my favorite video game of all time. Game Six is one of the most surreal, unbelievable displays of sports in history, and hopefully now that the Sox have emerged victorious in the World Series, it can be seen more as an utterly stupifying comeback, and less of a devastating choke job.

So this took a long time, and I heard more of the RBI theme music in those hours than a man ever should. But I also learned a good deal about the game. Namely these two things:

-Vin Scully is a great announcer. During the 20 minute plus bottom of the tenth, the other "color man" in the booth chimes in for about 3 different comments, one of them just being "Golly!" The difference between a run of the mill broadcaster and a hall of famer is very apparent, but I cut most of the color guy out because of time constraints.

-Secondly, the blame that Bill Buckner has taken for this loss over the years is just shockingly high compared to the Red Sox pitching staff. They are the true people who choked the game away. Obviously Buckner made a terrible error, but they put the Red Sox in an unbelievable position, one that you can't imagine any of today's modern super-closers ever ending up in.

Without further ado, here is the video: The 1986 World Series Game 6 Re-Enacted in RBI Baseball. Unfortunately it is about 6 minutes longer than the three minute YouTube contest limit, but I hope that people enjoy the video even if it doesn't result in a major cash payday for yours truly.

UPDATE: Well this has proven far more popular than I imagined. I'm glad that everyone liked it. Looks like I would have had a good shot in that stupid YouTube contest if not for the 3 minute maximum rule that I didn't notice until after I had completed the video. Damnation. Well if you'd like, you can download a smaller version of the video here.


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That was the most entertaining 8:30 I've spent online in a long time.

The 1986 WS are particularly enjoyable for me because I have Keith Hernandez's autobiography 'If At First' in which he details that game, how he was feeling, how shocked he was, etc, etc...so seeing it re-played (in RBI baseball, bringing back childhood memories nonetheless) was awesome.

Kudos sir.

Big kudos.

Great site too.


that's brilliant. good job.

If 2004 hadn't happened, I'd be dead in my cube right now. As it is, this is brilliant. Excellent work.

Truly awesome.

Crazy awesome.

That was awesome.

Brilliant! I'm speechless.

In a word: Awesome.

This is one of the great accomplishments of Internet history. I'm floored. Good luck in the contest.


I have no speech

Matt and I both just took a break from writing or thesises, theses.. (thesi?) To watch this together. It was very romantic.

awesome. brings back great memories.

Listen...I work in the Internet. I read all the blogs. I've seen all the videos and emails that go around. This is damn near the best thing I've ever seen on the Internet. Job well done, my friend.

And I'm a diehard, lifelong Red Sox fan.

I can say that this is easily the most awesome thing that I have ever, ever seen.

Brilliant. Completely and absolutely brilliant. Nice work!

I'm 28 years old and have seen some pretty damn cool things in my short life. But this was by far the most amazing thing I've ever seen. I don't think it'll ever be passed, even if I live to be 100.

This is the greatest achievement in the history of mankind.

Absolutely amazing, how did you do it?

This is brilliant! Well-done!

Fantastic. I can't say I've seen anything cooler in my life, and that includes the birth of my first child.

Wow. Just wow.

To think the original Nintendo technology is useless in 2006. Well done my friend well done!!!!!!!

Brilliant! Just brilliant!

Dude, that's unreal. GREAT work -- brilliant idea, fantastic execution.

In response to "Jip" and in deference to "RBI Game 6", I have to say that the birth of my first child was way cooler. In fact, his name was "Conor", too...

Buckner's zoink is just priceless at the end. He looked more confused in the game than he did in real life. Well Done!

just stumbled across this on my favorite sports blog, deadspin.com, and i was damn surprised to see the nationalhighfiveday.com text as i was checking out the different stories. amazing man. nice work. your dad enjoyed his beer the other weekend... you and duffy owe me a beer.

Does anyone else see the humor in making a video for a YouTube contest and then playing the video on a Google video player?

That is fantastic! That must have been a LOT of hard work!

Ow! It hurts even in RBI ... Cool, and thanks for ruining my day (again!) :-)

This is so awesome.
Most entertaining.
I love the commentary while watching the zonked Buckner.
Brilliant! Thanks.

I've never felt so good wasting 8:39 of my life. I don't know how you did it but I applaud you.

That has to be one of the coolest things ive seen ever.....is there a way to download it? I wanna keep this one lol

good show, old boy! good show!

That was the greatest internet gaming video I have ever seen!

Brilliant work my friend == I will send to all my fellow Mets fans (and perhaps a few BoSox fans as they just won in 2004 and can probably relive this without losing too much sleep!)

thats great. i would trim the first few mintues off and send the shorter version for the contest

Great job!!! That was a great idea!

Even though I know their going to lose and we've already won it in 2004 it doesnt make it any less painful. I kept saying we got this thing put away. of course the announcers didnt help by jinxing us.

Sir, this is phenomenal.

This is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Every Met fan needs to see this :)

Anyone that loves Ribbie like I do definitey appreciates that video...Masterfully done. Here's to the greatest sports game ever invented.

Al Gore must be proud that his invention has led to such a mind-blowing display of genius.

In the interest of being fair and balanced, perhaps someday you can also re-create the 1986 ALCS with the Sox and Dave Henderson coming back off Donnie Moore (RIP) with Al Michaels doing play-by-play?

This is tremendous. Nothing short of brilliant. Note: The color man was Joe Garagiola and while he said virtually nothing on this edit, he was a fine color man in his day w/ Scully on NBC.

Conor, brilliant! first i find out you know WHFS and you're from back in the 'hood. and then you're a Dead fan....and now a baseball fan!! LOL i'll look forward to my Dodgers laying waste to your Padres this year...

i'm blown away.

i'm blown away.

Brilliant, brilliant work.

I'd keep an eye on your email inbox; you'll probably be getting offers from ESPN or Fox Sports to screen this on TV

this is incredible. the patience you must have had to get all the necessary shots! my hats are off to you - all of them!

i'd forgotten what an incredible at-bat mookie wilson had.

You have just made my decade...as a die-hard Mets fan, I was on the edge of my seat during that game, and sreamed in excitement for hours after it, and Game 7 was over. My sincere thanks for reliving that great piece of history!

I grew up in suburban NJ in the 1980s, and this is still (easily) the higlight of my sports fandom.

The box score is interesting too -- http://www.baseball-almanac.com/box-scores/boxscore.php?boxid=198610250NYN -- I didn't realize the Mets played 17 men that night.

Also, Wilson was 0-4 going into that inning.

An unusual game all around.

Wilson wasn't 0 for 4 coming in to the 10th, he was 1 for 4. He singled in the 5th. That last at bat wasn't a hit, it was an error.

As a lifelong Red Sox fan who lived through every painful pitch of that game, this was... interesting. However, I am glad that someone sees that Bill Buckner was wrongly demonized about this. Schiraldi, and some extent Stanley really are the big goats.

Awesome video. Lots of fun to watch. I love the Player Of The Game bit!

Technical question -- how were you able to keep re-doing the bottom of the 10th in putting the video together? Were you using an emulator and just restoring from frozen states over and over? I imagine that's the only way you could really do it without actually playing an entire game every time. I'd be interested to learn how many "takes" it took to do the entire bottom of the 10th accurately also....great job!


You're right. Thank you. :)


And let's not forget that it was Game 6. The Mets had to win Game 7 too.

This is amazing! I'm in the process of modding a laptop into a multi-console emulator for my TV--RBI is officiallly on the list of 'must downloads.' I help maintain a blog for a site called Bolt, a free creative network for poeple to post their work for others to comment on. I'd love to share your video with our audience. It's exactly the kind of modern creativity that we are trying to celebrate. Check out the site (bolt.com) and contact me if you're interested in being featured. Thanks!

Great work. I heard about this on the radio this morning and had to check it out. I had forgotten about that game and this really brings back the memories for me. Thanks, SRC

I was 12 years old on that night in 1986, and sitting in the right field stands. I was also an RBI Baseball freak growing up. That video was the most beautiful thing my eyes have ever seen. Thank you.

Outstanding Job.

I was directed here from a hockey site, but this made my afternoon.

Congratulations, this is unbelievable. For me the two most interesting parts of the video are:

1. Showing Marty Barrett as the Miller Lite Player of the Game, that was hilarious.

2. The music at the end when you showed who won. I used to play this game, literally, for hours with a friend of mine and it gushed memories back to me.

Thank you for sharing it. I hope the thanks don't make it more special, because I would have to believe that this one of those examples where the reward is the journey.

Thank you that was freakin amazing. If I had 25 grand i would give it to you

It must of taken forever to get all of the different plays to work out just like they were announced. Outstanding!

even from a redsox fan...it was great...

A masterpiece.

Unbelievable job you did here? How did you get Kevin Mitchell on the Mets?

You should try to sell it to the Mets. They can afford to give you 25k

Clever shit like this is what makes the Interweb and blogsphere worth surfing at work!

Fantastic Job. Too bad you could not have the Bob Murphy call of the Buckneer error.

Man, that was awesome... as a met fan who was 6 years old in 1986, I really didn't get the experience, but RBI baseball re-enactment, just awesome man

Thank you for that 8 minutes of enjoyment!

what else needs to be said, conor. brilliant!

Cool vid. Why does the volume drop way down around 6 minutes in, though?

that made up for years of listening to yankee fans in new york talk about how great their team is... this just reminded me how great that mets team was and that 1986 world series game 6 was one of the best sports moments i will ever experience in my life... i was only 12 at the time, but don't know if another moment in sports will ever beat that.....

I was a 9 year old, die-hard Mets fan when this game went down (still a die-hard Mets fan of course). The double dose of nostalgia combining the game audio with RBI baseball visuals gave me chills.

Well done, enter it in the contest anyway!

Awesome. Simply awesome my friend.

"Today's Super-Closer?" I hope that's sarcasm there. I seem to remember "Super-Closers" such as Rivera and Lidge blowing some pretty big games.

Still, the trio of McNamara/Schiraldi/Stanley is as much to blame as Buckner, if not more.

Oh, and this is the greatest thing ever. Great work!

That was unbelievable. You are my hero for making that re-enactment. Thanks for brightening my day.

That was great. I was 17 at the time and was watching with my father and sister. He wanted the Mets, we didn't...we were making fun of him until that comeback. great job my friend.

I forogt the blah blah blah blah stuff.

hey, how do you get Buckner to make the error at the end?

This belongs on one of those Priceless MasterCard commercials. Great work!

Let's Go Mets Go!
Let's Go Mets!

This is terrific. I work for the Oklahoma RedHawks, AAA affiliate of the Rangers (yeah, I know...) I'd like to get permission to show this video on our JumboTron. I can't get you paid, but I WILL give you ALL credit. We can work that out. My name is Mike - Contact me at rowdie1968@yahoo.com if interested.

Well done. It is fun to go back in time before kids, homes, cars, mortgages ect. My good friend and I dedicated a good portion of out lives to that game as well as others. Any time I get to drift back to those carefree evenings of claiming that the game somehow cheated for him I simply laugh and smile. Thanks for bringing the memory. On a side note we used to call out the name Mookieeeeeee on a regular basis as well!!!!

Incredible work. That is amazing. I'll send this link to a lot of RBI fans I know.

This is so incredible, we have linked it to our blog.

Truly a work of art.

As a die-hard Met fan this made my day. They should show this at Shea for the 20th anniversary celebrations! Great Job!

Great stuff!

I saw a link to this on The Sporting News message board, and loved it. I sent an email to a bunch of my friends.

This will be your moment of cyber-fame, my friend!

By the way, here is the URL for the message board where I saw it:

That was absolutely awesome!

One interesting historical note: to this day, Mookie swears that he would have beaten Buckner to the bag, even if Buckner had fielded the ball cleanly. He might have a point; Mookie had wheels, I don't think Bob Stanley would have gotten over in time to take a throw from Buckner, and Buckner was pretty far from the bag. It's possible, of course, that he's just trying to take some heat off the most famous World Series goat in history.

Can you believe it. You have cancer and D.Card says "what you're going to die with out paying your bill!
Bite Me


It is brilliant - thanks!

While you are right - Buckner can hardly be the only guy blamed but I should point out that there are about 3 reliable relievers and even Rivera blows one every few years ... but grat job on the video!

The best thing I've ever seen on the internet. THE BEST. AMAZING, simply
AMAZING. Forward this to all your friends., hopefully one day they'll show it on the BIG Screen at Shea. WOW, what an awsome display.
This brought back lots of memories. Absolutely the best thing I've ever seen
in my 15 years of internet experience. If anyone knows how to send to the
N.Y. Mets, please do so.

I second that, (I made the video.) I think it should definitely be shown on the Mets' JumboTron in one of the spots where they show scenes from Braveheart or Animal House or some other dramatic moment to get the crowd pumped up. If anyone knows anybody in the organization, send this their way!

Awesome! I heard about this on the Steve Czaban FOX Sports morning show a couple days ago. Absolute brilliance.

WoW! Bringing back all sorts of great memories. Couldn't begin to count the hours I've played RBI Baseball and you reenacted what may be my best sports memory (even though I was 7). Amazing. Great work.

you....are....a....very.....cruel......man...... with, obviously, way too much time on his hands. great job allowing my to relive the worst 9 minutes of my f-ing lifetime. i laughed my ass off!

Wow! Brings it all back and a truly amazing game (and re-creation!!!). I was a Univ student back in '86 who bet $50 on Red Sox to win the series. The Mets miracle comeback cut into by beer budget for a while. Ouch!!!

Very entertaining. Back to 2006...Go Red Sox (or Twins!!!)

Jim Calgary, AB, CANADA

Coolest thing I have ever seen. Period. I linked through Yahoo. I was laughing the whole time. Brings back memories of playing RBI Baseball and getting in fights over it. Thanks for the trip down memory lane.

Dear sir, from a Yankee fan.

this was a great video to watch and you did an excellent job with it. Keep up the good work.

wow.. just wow...

marty barrett the miller lite mvp!
great stuff

Absolutely awesome...I just have to say that there are times and events in a person's life that we all can recall when/where we were when it happened. A few of these examples would be where were you when Kennedy got shot, the Challenger exploded or when the towers were attacked. If there were one event that this was the case with in my case it would be the bottom of the 10th inning of this very game. I recall I was 12 years old and my family was all out at a local restaurant celebrating my father's birthday. This very game was playing over the television in the lounge and I could see it from my seat. I still recall the amazement from some of the patrons as well as the anguish from the others whom were Red Sox fans. I can look back at it this day and still it seems like yesterday! Thanks for rekindling that memory!

I know I'm late to the party, but it's still awesome. Mega-applause.

I played this game forever with my brother Adam (still do... when the NES works). I remember watching this game and crying that the Mets were gonna lose (I love the NL) in my living room and then the most amazing play happened. I live in San Diego too and I can't tell you how great this clip is...it is still the most emotional sports moment I've ever had and fused with RBI? Forget it...

That was awesome! Shear brilliant.

Still hurts, great job on this.

Even as a Yankees Fan, this is the most incredible thing I've seen on the internet in years.

Great job! Your hard work has really paid off. You should definitely send this to the Mets and see if you get a response. I am sending this to everyone I know.

By the way...did anyone else notice the Mookie Wilson, for some completely unknown reason, takes off for second when the ball gets by Buckner?

Whats next? 'The Catch' using Tecmo Super Bowl?

Just incredibly awesome

I have never written on a blog before but this was so amazing I had to say something. Incredible.

Please don't ever remove this!

Loved it! As a Sox fan I've relived that inning many times - DVD, books, ESPN Classic, (every rain delay in boston for the past 20 years). But this had to be the most unique!

And a great way to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the Buckner Tunnel!


Oh. My. God. I found this through Yahoo, watched it here at work, and was STILL clapping in nervous excitement when Knight stepped in, STILL (well, since at work, stifling) screaming when the ball gets by Gedman, and DID leap out of my chair when the ball gets by Buckner, here comes Knight AND THE METS WIN!!!

You are my hero. Thank you SO much for this! And thank Lauren Duffy for understanding!

oh I understand!!

brought me back to fond childhood memories and the great Mookie quote "I just swung and hit the ball!"


The greatest sports moment of my life was Game 6. I was a freshman in college at the time, and my parents and sister were visiting me for Parents Weekend. They forced me to watch the game with them in their hotel room even though I was dying to watch it with my friends. They all fell asleep before the 10th inning. I sat in my chair and just kept shaking my head, saying to myself over and over that I can't believe the Mets are going to lose the World Series after the incredible year they just had. Even after Carter and Mitchell hit singles I still thought there was no chance. Why were they prolonging the agony? Then with one Ray Knight swing of the bat the tying run was on third. You've got to be kidding me. Mookie's up. At this point I hadn't made any noise since my parents and sister were asleep. But when the ball got by Gedman, I yelled. "WILD PITCH...TIE GAME!!!" My mom woke up and when the ball went by Buckner we jumped up and down on the bed like a couple of 5 year olds. My dad came out of his sleep and smiled and gave a thumbs up. My sister started yelling at me to shut up. Normally I would have told her to go bleep off, but I was to happy to be mad.

Great video, great job!

Man, it was great looking over this with some of my friends. Thanks for taking the time to make this video. the best part is your made it from one of the greatest baseball games of all time ... RBI Baseball from the Nintendo days. You rock.

That was GREAT!!!! You should make more, maybe even different sports as well! But this was too cool!!!!

I F-ing luv it!!!!!! let's go mets!!!

this is incredible! you gotta get your hands on some NBA and NFL stuff. Thanks for sharing this with the rest of us.

Dude, this is amazing. You HAVE to do more games starting with Gibson's HR in 1988. You OWE it to the world.

Quite frankly one of the most skillful internet videos I have ever seen. It is with great pleasure to award you, San Diego serenade, a gold shinto star.
Seeking enlightenment? shintocouncil.com can help. Search carefully and you will find the illuminated grass that grows within the eye of the pyramid.
Well done SDS- your award and video link will be sent through the appropriate channels.
Be well sir and congrats

"Secondly, the blame that Bill Buckner has taken for this loss over the years is just shockingly high compared to the Red Sox pitching staff."

And don't forget, Stanley screwed him by not covering first.

This is perhaps the funniest thing I've ever seen on the internet. Although to be fair, I am a biased Mets fan.

I don't know if you ever used to play Rbi Baseball on nintendo, but that is one of my favorite all time games. This might be one of the best things I have ever seen. Lets Go Mets!!!


What up dude? Somebody told me that I needed to see this video and it might be the greatest thing I've ever seen. Click on the video clip above and read the comments. Looks like we weren't the only ones who loved RBI. Go Mets.

RBI Baseball was by far, the best baseball game ever created. You did a fantastic job with Game 6, and I'm looking forward for more to come!!! I get a kick out of watching the video over and over and over again!!


Quite frankly, you are one of the greatest men of our time. Forget the 25k, you should be paid a million dollars. I am dumbfounded by the awesomeness that is this video. Before today I thought the best thing I ever saw online was either the monkey smelling it's finger from it's butt and falling off the tree, or the monkey drinking it's own pee. With all do respect to monkeys and the hours of hilarity they have brought to my life, they pale in comparison to this video.

My only question is this - how did you get your Nintendo to work long enough to do all the trials it must've taken you to get it perfect? I'm sure you use the blow on the game technique, as well as the shift the game sideways and press reset/start repeatedly, but still...

You are the man. Don't let anyone ever tell you differently.

thank you.

THAT is the most creative video I've seen in a long time! Very well done!


this was without a doubt one of the best things i had ever seen. i was nine when i watched the 1986 world series and not a baseball season goes by where i don't speak of the amazing 1986 mets team(and my hopes that this is the year that they will go all the way again). they have got to show this at shea. GO METS!!!!!

Greatest thing ever! You are on to something with this stuff! Sell it to someone. Love Vin Scully - would love for you to do one with the Gibson home run!

First of all, fantastic job.
I'll never forget sitting there watching that whole game, and I just could't believe that after all those wins, after all the drama of the Houston series, after losing the first 2 gamea at Shea and tying it up in Boston, that they were going to lose. I just knew they wouldn't go down like that.
But it wasn't until the next morning, watching Bob Costas on NFL 86, as he went through the whole bottom of the ninth inning, did I realize how close they were to losing. And everytime I've watched or listened to this in the past 20 years, I'm always convined that this will be the time that Rich Gedman keeps that ball in front of him, or Buckner fields that ball cleanly (Though I still don't think he would have beaten Mookie to first base) In any event, this was a great job and 20 years later it still makes my palms sweat. Thanks guys!

This RBI Baseball reinactment is quite possibly the greatest thing I've ever seen. Great job!

Good job. Love Vin Scully.

This is incredible. One of the coolest things I've ever seen. I love how you brought up the pitching change window even on McNamara's first trip to the mound. Unbelievable. Great job!. RV

From a former RBI Baseball junkie (first game I ever owned) and baseball fan (go Cubs!) - thanks a million!!

the best video i've ever seen thanks

An old friend showed me this last night and we laughted our butts off. We used to play RBI for hours in early high school. THIS IS THE MOST INCREDIBLE THING I HAVE SEEN ON THE INTERNET!!! SWEET!

Do you take requests??

that was great but did anyone notice how bleach white mookie wilson was.wat up with that.


Ultimate achievement in combining the most classic of video games with an ultra-dramatic half-inning. Sweet idea bro. I'm playing in the RBI Championship of the Universe Tournament in Chicago (June) and will promote your clip. Nice going, the only thing I would have changed would be to throw a knuxie low inside on the wild pitch!


Lord Paco is right. Please do: "I don't believe..what I just saw!!" Hearing Jack Buck and seeing Gibby at his RBI best would be amazing!

That was pure genius. Words can't explain how perfect that was. As a former RBI-head, how did you get Kevin Mitchell and his stats to appear on the Mets ? If i remember correctly, Mitchell was on the Giants in RBI.

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