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Bob Dylan at the Supper Club

dylan supper club

Here's another CD that was provided to me by my friend Andrew. It's the weekend, I'm going up to LA, and I'm feeling lazy, so I'll just relay to you what he told me without checking it's authenticity. This is evidently a show that Dylan recorded that was supposed to an MTV Unplugged. However, the suits, as they tend to do, wanted a show more packed with the hits. So he recorded a new show, that was released as the underwhelming official MTV Unplugged album and DVD. Thus, the discerning baby boomers who bought the MTV Unplugged album got their much needed new versions of "The Times They Are-A Changin'" and "All Along The Watchtower" but never got a chance to hear rockin' live performances of tradtional fare such as "Ragged and Dirty" or "Jack A Roe" or hear "Tight Connection to My Heart" stripped of its generic 80s production values and realize what a great song was buried somewhere within the Empire Burlesque album. So download, and realize that even before Dylan's Time Out Of Mind comeback, he was still "back." We just didn't know it yet because we were too busy not listening to the MTV Unplugged album.


1. Ragged And Dirty
2. Lay Lady Lay
3. I'll Be Your Baby Tonight
4. Queen Jane Approximately
5. Jack-A-Roe
6. One Too Many Mornings
7. I Want You
8. Ring Them Bells
9. My Back Pages
10. Forever Young
11. Tight Connection To My Heart
12. Weeping Willow
13. Delia

Bob Dylan homepage (On tour soon!) and Bob's Boots, and excellent Dylan bootleg resource.


Sweet, sweet business.

Wow! Sounds wonderful. Thanks to you and Andrew.

your info is a little off about the genesis of the supper club show(s). the show has been around for awhile and is a great performance with his very good early 1990s band. Bucky Baxter on slide, JJ on guitar...

Was never meant for MTV just 4 concerts for free (first come first serve) over two days that were filmed and taped by Dylan. He didn't like the results so he shelved it. Some of it was on his CD ROM from the mid 90s.

I think you are confusing the Supper Club with the initial MTV run through and what was actually released, after the first MTV run through they asked Dylan to play a few more songs and so he did, there is a bootleg of the 'original' Unplugged run through that has some deeper cuts ( Hazel et al)

cool... if you never heard of dylan and you walked in on this, what would you think? however weird his voice sounds, nobody does what he does. it's beyond good or bad, it just is.

cool... if you never heard of dylan and you walked in on this, what would you think? however weird his voice sounds, nobody does what he does. it's beyond good or bad, it just is. and that's what makes him great.

thanks for this wonderful music. any info on the exact dates of this music?

To Matthew:
The first ten tracks adds up to the second show (11 pm, the first started at 8), Nov. 16, 1993. This is the only show of the four from which a soundboard has surfaced. The last three are part of the second show the day after (again: 11 pm etc.) and the versions on this release of these particular songs are not from the circulating audiencetape, but taken from the soundboard and originally appeared on the "performances" section of Colombia Records www.bobdylan.com. Let's hope they decide to release it all some time in the future!!

Ahhh!!! Pissar!!! Lemme know when it's back online...

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