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RBI Video Update


Jeff Passan from Yahoo Sports interviewed me the other day, and it is published here. Jeff is undoubtedly the man, he once challenged his friend to a seven game series RBI Championship of the World, and despite the setback of losing Game 1, he came back to win the series with backbreaking slaughter rule victories in Games 3 & 5.


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congrats man. that video is one of the coolest, most creative things i've seen on the internet in a long time, you deserve all the accolades you get.

Dude, love the 1986 world series on RBI baseball. one time, while being the oakland A's I scored 106 runs on the twins but the computer froze the game in the 8th inning when he ran out of pitchers to substitute in the game (use all of them up)

wow man, i just found your work from passan's column on yahoo sports. i'm definitely willing to bet you'll have hundreds of comments very soon ;). when i come out to cali for work, i'd be honored to buy you a beer.

Holy Sweet Mother of Baseball!!!!! Nice Job with the RBI baseball emulator!! You're right, one of the most improbable comebacks in Baseball history, and it had to be one of the improbable recreations using a video game in history as well...

Super nice job!

Prosperity WV
P.S. I was 8 years old and I lived in North Eastern PA about 2 hours from NYC when that happened. I can still remember people going crazy over the Mets winning the Series that year!

Great job with the video. Like an idiot, I turned off the game that night in the 9th inning, thinking my beloved Mets were going down. I couldn't bear to hear it. On the way to a bar to drown my sorrows, I turned on the radio and just about had a coronary! Ya Gotta Believe!! (Tug McGraw's famous slogan)

Awesome job dude. RBI is one of my old time favorites. May you never lose the inspiration to keep creating stuff like this.

High Five,

Çapitán Nintendo.

Great idea. Personally, I'd prefer your lasting contribution to society to be the National High Five Day. Too few high fives are thrown these days.
So props for the video, but especially for making the world a little more amicable, friendly, and fun with the NHFD. I'm gonna go crazy dishing out High fives on 4/20. Keep spreading the love, man.

I wonder how long it will be before Nintendo comes after you for using the emulator (e.g. piracy).

^^ i'd be more worried about mlb.com for misuse of vin scully's voice clips (may not be rebroadcast or retransmitted in any way)

wow! I was a huge fan of RBI baseball, watching your video was both hilarious and brought back great memories of wasting a ton of time playing that game. RBI was, in my opinion, one of the 3 best baseball games made. (The other two are Intellivision Baseball and SNK baseball)

Anyway, thanks for the stroll down memory lane.

Lanny Morton

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