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Didn't Get Radiohead Tickets? There There...

ticketmaster no tickets

So both of the Radiohead shows sold out very quickly on Saturday. I managed to get four tickets to Monday's concert, and have noticed that tickets are already being offered up for outrageous (at least double the actual cost) prices on Craigslist and ebay. The internet definitely gives anybody the advantage of being able to quickly and easily buy tickets for any show in America and be selling them minutes later. For recent concerts I've bought tickets for, this and Bruce Springsteen, the internet seemed like the only way to possibly obtain tickets, and evidently it was a seconds-different crapsoot since everyone was pretty much doing it at the same time.

So did anybody else get lucky? Anybody know how many tickets were for sale each night?

Whether you made it or you didn't, everyone can enjoy the below recording of Radiohead playing in Copenhagen just a few days ago on May 6th. It can either get you pumped for the show, psyched enough to shell out the dough to a scalper, or maybe even push you towards sour grapes "all those new songs aren't any good anyways" mode.

A zip file of the MP3s is available at http://www.megaupload.com/?d=CN0GDYYB


Just curious if this is the recording that surfaced on Dime? (which i'm downloading now).


thx a lot
quality is very great

sounds great. thanks.

Thanks!! Great quality.

Thank you very much for sharing this show.

Thanks for posting!

I'm really liking "4 Minute Warning."

Cheers mate!

thanks for posting this! i think we might have some friends in common (wynn and pat?)

lordy! this is brill

Thank you very much indeed

thanks for these....Radiohead are still the best band EVER

i can^t download the file

Works fine for me still. You have to wait 45 seconds while the timer counts down, it's a wierd little site, I don't know who put it up there.

Great bootleg - level is a bit low, but the recording sounds great!
I was there, and it was like that!! thanks a bunch - how was this recorded?

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