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Bo Bo Jo Jamaican Albino Podcast - Episode #2


After a brief delay caused by overtime working and all day sleeping, we're back with Episode 2 of our newly renamed Bo Bo Jo Jamaican Albino Podcast! You'll have to listen to the podcast to understand what that name means, but rest assure that this second episode packs all the punch of say a Godfather Part II, and none of the dogshit of an Attack of the Clones.

This episode includes:

-Mashups Galore!
-Conor Getting Paid!
-Two versions of the same song!
-Andrew's opinion on the best songwriter around today!
-The Boss sweatin' to the Oldies!

And much much more! I kind of think it's more fun to not post a playlist and make listening a surprise for people, so maybe I'll go ahead and post one in two days, once our dedicated fans have already had a chance to listen to the
whole thing.

Please download the podcast here: (128k mp3, 107:35, 103.0 mb)

or subscribe, using iTunes, or whatever other service you use, via this feed: http://feeds.feedburner.com/SanDiegoSerenadePodcast

It's a 128 bit MP3, and runs close to an hour and forty minutes.


well, i like the whole reggae/punk bit- you should stop by part time punks "punky reggae" night in los angeles if you're ever up there- it's on fridays!

Awesome! Very nicely done. Tremendous variety of music, most of which I haven't heard, all of which I liked. Good discussion by the co-hosts - funny and insightful. Looking forward to the next BBJJAP (and plan on listening to this one again).

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