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Guest Blogging

I was asked to guest blog at The Bubble Death, a music blog based in San Diego. I don't know the protocol about such an endeavor, and was tempted to just shamelessly post Re-Ree songs, but instead I dug deep into my collection and posted a kick ass song by a kick ass band. So go here to check out what I picked.


Am I the only one who has listened to your entire podcast so far? I put it on in the background while I was programming today and your banter was of a particular quality that did not divert my focus from work. Well done. Liked the Neil Young and the old recordings. Could do without the ODB/DOB. Yes, "Bitch get the f*ck in da car!" is a hilarious quote but seriously, this guy needs to be kept safely behind bars. Guess that was part of the theme though...

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