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No Limit Artists No Longer Out Of Work


In case you were worried that the talentless photoshop hacks responsible for photoshopping the weekly dose of No Limit Records cover art (including such gems as the above Mercedes- Rear End) back in the late 90s was out of work and destitute, I present to you evidence that they are still hard at work in the music industry in the form of the cover for Bob Dylan's "Modern Times" due out at the end of August.


And, much more amazingly, in the "Check it yourself to make sure it's true" department, No Limit Recording Artist Mercedes - Rear End is currently selling for between 35 and 60 dollars (!!!) on amazon.com. No joke. Check it out. There is no god.


r u serious?? they look nothing alike.

The degree of quality of the photoshop work, more than any actual similarities

In the meantime, they busied themselves with Ben Lee album covers. But they picked up a little Bryce on Breathing Tornados (very little Bryce).

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