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The Zen of Road House

If you're wondering why posting has been rather limited on here the past few weeks, there are all sorts of answers I could give you, but in all honesty, it's probably been because I've been watching Road House over and over and over again. The 1989 Patrick Sawyze flick about a bouncer with a NYU degree in philosophy is the first movie for a new project we've been working on at work called RiffTrax, where Mike Nelson provides a MST3K style commentary (riffing) on a movie as a downloadable MP3. So you play the MP3 while you watch the movie, however you choose to do so. It's a cool idea, even after watching Road House for the 12th time to see what synchs up and what doesn't, (This has been a maddening ordeal, but if I ever get the call for Jeopardy and the categories turn out to be "The Double Deuce", "Jasper, MO", and "Whether Pain Hurts or it Don't", I'll be set.) So check it out if you like either Road House or MST3K. More movies will be coming in future weeks. And here's a little short that we made around the office:

And I'd expect a new Podcast tomorrow, as well as some pics from Tuesday nights Cat Dirt Records showcase with Fifty on Their Heels, MC Flow and Grand Ole Party, plus my thoughts on last nights Raconteurs show last night, later today.



Animals dressed like other animals; or riding other animals! That's the funny!

I think I mentioned to you when you first got the job that Mike Nelson was a personal hero of mine. My jealousy is now like a flaming golden hawk.

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