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August 16, 2006

Check Out The Reader


Monday I got an email from the folks at the Reader asking if I was aware that my 91X and 949 diaries were going to be used as the cover story for this weeks issue. I was unaware, but very excited nonetheless. When you put stuff out there on the internet, you can say whatever you want, but realize that your readership is limited to people who come to or google your site. When you put stuff in print, you have a much greater readership, but often have to limit what you say based on the publications standards. Fortunately, the reader was able to print my 91X diary and 949 diary with all profanity, slurs, heresay, conjecture, and libel intact. So a hearty "hear hear" to them, and hopefully an even heartier "hear hear" when the check arrives.

If it's your first time here because of the Reader, check out the podcasts, learn a bit more about me and then go steam M. Ward's new album "Post War" right here.

As a closing note, no matter what your opinion of "Dani California" or Filter or Audioslave or Angels and Airwaves or Billy Corgan's Zero Shirt or "Steady as she goes", we can all agree on one thing - Seeing my article on the cover of the Reader is 100 times better than seeing this:


August 14, 2006

Guest Blogging is Fun


Guest blogging is fun. I've done it twice now. What I think is funny about the process is that it only a stranger or a more distant acquaintance would be willing to hand over the reins of their blog to me carte blanche, anybody who actually knows me would never trust me to do that.

The most recent person to put me in full on "God-it's-so-difficult-not-to-post-lemon-party" mode is Ryan from Muzzle of Bees. He is canyoneering off in the wild west somewhere, so I get to write whatever I want on his blog while he's gone. Which actually turned out pretty good I think. Check it out.

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