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Feedback from the Reader

The next issue of the Reader has come out, and it published no less than six letters to the editor regarding my Cover Story. It was obviously a divisive article, and thanks to their comments, several San Diego residents have earned themselves a spot on my Richard Nixon style enemies list. Brian "Absolutely horrible...what a moron" Nelson, Shannon "how much of an idiot your writer is" Riccio and Mariah "monotonous and dragging" Burzynski, welcome to the club!

I think it's really great that the San Diego Reader is willing to print the opinions of its readers, and my three new enemies should be proud that their thoughts were published. To tell you the truth, there's only one real difference between the Reader printing Brian Nelson's, Shannon Riccio's, and Mariah Burzynski's opinion and them publishing mine:


One of us got One Thousand Dollars for their opinion.

One thing that I did find interesting was that no matter whether people thought the article was poorly written by a moron or hitting things dead center, nobody stood up for the radio stations. Nothing from an employee, or even an impassioned fan. Where are all those people?


you need to be FIRED IMMEDIATELY from the READER!!!
that was my favorite letter.

I read your article in the reader over lunch. I thought it was outstanding...nothing is as divisive as music and it took some guts to be honest as you were.

Trust me, it did more GOOD than harm..anytime we can expose the vapidness of radio and the local music scene here in SD at large we must take full advantage.

Ha! That $1000 comment made me laugh so hard that I peed a little.

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