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Free 50 On Their Heels & Grand Ole Party Tickets!

50 On Their Heels Singer/Guitarist Junior Metro at the Sports Club

Like a storm rolling away, the clouds of cover and tribute bands have parted leaving only the bright, bright sunshine of some of San Diego's best local bands. Fifty On Their Heels and Grand Ole Party play Wednesday night, fresh off a shared gig a week or so back at the Sports Club. Canes bartenders likely have little going for them in the way of personality, but their is NO FEASIBLE WAY on Earth that they could be more obnoxious or unpleasent than the bartender at the Sports Club. Imagine a morbidly obese Zippy The Pinhead, shrieking your drink order obnoxiously at top volume. Seriously, this guy could bartend in the depths of hell, hands down.

But the music is great. Fifty On Their Heels rocks the house with an energetic performance from singer Junior Metro the likes of which we haven't seen since Iggy Pop was rolling around on broken glass for some reason back in the day, and Grand Ole Party, once you get by the Britney/NSynch style customer service agent microphones deliver sleazily rockin' set. At the Sports Club I observed that the guitarist of Grand Ole Party is definitely the bands secret weapon. The singer may get all the press for doing what she does best while playing the drums, but the guitarist has a vast array of licks stored away for use at a proper time.


Both bands draw crowds, I was personally shocked to see how many people came out to see Grand Ole Party last time, and after extensive press coverage written by myself in such widely read periodicals such as the Reader, that's sure to increase on Wednesday. Fortunately, I've got yer tickets right here, for absolutely zero dollars. So if you want to go check out the bands on Wednesday night at Canes, email me at conorATsandiegoserenade.com. I highly recommend both, and am happy that my recommendation doesn't have to have any costs incurred to you, the reader, because that takes me off the hook for even the minimal amount that I was on the hook. Booya.

New Bo Bo Jo Jamaican Albino Podcast hopefully coming tomorrow night.

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