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More Street Scene Blowage

I feel kind of like a curmudgeon every time I post something like the Street Scene/Lollapalooza comparison, so I promise I'll post some positive things later this week about some great San Diego bands. But for now, it's nice to see that many of my points are being echoed in the Union Tribune and the CityBeat of all places. Thanks to Cat Dirt for alerting me to the CityBeat's cover story, which reprints editor Troy Johnson's myspace comments regarding the fest. Most people focus on the lineup suckitude and the unjustifiably high price, while also addressing the Parking Lot move (something I still don't really care about that much. Good music in a parking lot would be much better than bad music down town.)

Finally, a tipster who wanted to remain anonymous alerted us to the Cat Dirt mentioned Troy Johnson banning from the VIP area, and claims that promoter Rob Hagey has a reputation for wildly overpaying acts to play at Street Scene. This is interesting, as one of the reasons I was wary to compare Street Scene to other festivals was uncertainty about how level the financial playing field was. If it's the case, and the underperforming lineup is overpayed, (kind of like a Dan Snyder Redskins team) it only makes it all the more disappointing.

A sampling of the City Beat comments:

Do not ever allow such people to make financial decisions for you. First of all, unless you recently outbid Jesus for that killer "omniscience kit" on eBay, you'll only see eight bands, max.

Austin City Limits, held Sept. 15 through 17, has a phenomenal lineup that includes Tom Petty, Van Morrison, Willie Nelson, Flaming Lips, The Shins, Ween, The Raconteurs, Muse and 120 other killer indie bands like Jose Gonzalez and Iron and Wine. Single-day tickets are $20 cheaper than Street Scene.

Street Scene is among the most expensive of music festivals in the U.S. This year's Coachella cost $10 more, although they did get Madonna to show up a half-hour late and play four songs.

I wanted to die when I looked at the price.

In my informal Myspace poll, I asked, "How do you feel about the price?" Most considered it very, very steep. One colorfully replied: "GOOD!! I like being bent over and getting screwed."

Friday's lineup blows!

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