June 01, 2006

New Video

Remember how a few weeks ago I wrote about how we went to go see Grand Ole Party, but ended up leaving before the terrible sounding opening band played? Well this is the fruit of that (late) nights labors:

Even as the principal person pushing for this idea to be carried out, I really don't know what to say.

April 12, 2006

Jay Wasco's Rocket Man-ia

ego still jpg.jpg

Rocketman on the Egotar

I'm not gonna lie, having a bunch of people visiting your site is pretty sweet. The bad thing about the RBI Baseball video I made is being 97% sure that I will never top it. To have peaked at 24....

But the good thing is that I've gotten in touch with a bunch of interesting people because of it! Many of these people just want to say they liked the video, a small percentage of joyless dicks have complained about the strikeout numbers being not accurate (because there always has to be something), and then there are readers like Jay Wasco who saw my wacky video and correctly thought I would be the kind of guy who appreciates a one man band rendition of Rocketman played on a homemade, self invented instrument.

Rocketman has been given the once over by a couple of big names, most famously Shatner and Stewie. But neither of those videos featured the Swiss Army Bass or the Egotar. These are hybrid instruments constructed by Wasco, who sings on top of the super-coordination requiring instruments. I thought that recording the movements of the Red Sox outfielders and the Mets batters at the same time was difficult, but it doesn't compare to playing an entire bands worth of sound while doing a damn good version of Rocketman. Wasco also tackles Neil Young's "Heart of Gold" and a few other songs with his home made instruments. I think they're awesome, and you should definitely check them out.

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